When semen analysis test is done?

When semen analysis ?

Semen analysis is a type of laboratory test that is done to diagnose male type infertility and evaluate characteristics of your sperm cells. Also semen analysis test may be done to check sperm cell presence in semen fluid after vasectomy operation which is a type of birth control.  Semen analysis test should be done in an experienced laboratory by a specialist. Semen analysis test is the most important laboratory test to evaluate sperm cells and male type infertility problem.


semen analysis

Fertility specialist, urology or andrology specialist may request you to have semen analysis test if you and your partner are having problem getting pregnant. Semen analysis test also may be used to check the success of vasectomy operation. Vasectomy is a surgical operation that is done for male sterilization and permanent birth control. Your sperm tubes will be cut to prevent them moving out during ejaculation and reach the egg. Semen analysis test is done to  check  sperm cell presence in semen fluid 1-3 months after vasectomy operation.