What is sperm?

What is sperm;

Sperm is male reproductive cell.  Sperm cells are the smallest cells in male body. Sperm cells are produced in testicles and production starts with puberty. Approximate 100-200 million of sperm cells are ejaculated at once but only one sperm cell can fertilize the egg.



Some features of sperm cell

  • Sperm cells are found in a thick gel-like liquid that is called semen
  • Semen and sperm characteristics are evalutaed with semen analysis test
  • Sperm cell contains genetic information by its 23 chromosomes
  • These 23 chromosomes join female egg’s 23 chromosomes
  • Sperm cell has parts as head, neck, midpiece and tail
  • Head part carries the nucleus and genetic information
  • Tail part  provides movement ability to the sperm cell