What is semen ?

Semen is a white-gray opaque liquid that moves out through urethra in ejaculation. Semen is the fluid that carries your reproductive cells which are called sperm cells. Sperm cells make up 1-5 %  of the semen fluid. The rest of the semen fluid contains many other components like vitamins, minerals, water, protein, etc.

Semen is an organic fluid that is produced by men at the onset of the puberty. When boys reach puberty their body have enough sexual maturation for semen and sperm production. Boys usually reach puberty and start producing semen fluid and sperm cells around 12-14 years old.


what is semen

If you have a problem to have baby, if you can’t impregnate your partner, fertility, urology or andrology specialist may request semen analysis test to  check male type infertility. Semen analysis test is done to evaluate features of semen fluid and sperm cells.