What is semen culture test?

semen culture test ?

Semen culture is a kind of laboratory test. Semen culture test is done to determine any microorganism presence in your semen fluid. Semen is a thick whitish-gray fluid that transports and protects sperm cells. Semen fluid protects sperm cells from acidic environment of vagina and provides mobility to help sperms to reach and fertilize the egg.

semen culture test


  • Semen culture test is different from semen analysis test.
  • Semen analysis test is done to diagnose male tape infertility.
  • Semen analysis test is also done to evaluate the success of vasectomy operation.
  • Purpose of semen culture is to determine infection and microorganism presence in your reproductive system.
  • Sperm count, sperm cell movement or other sperm features are not important in semen culture test.
  • Antibiotic sensitivity test is done if any bacteria growth is found in semen culture; purpose is to find the right antibiotics for treatment
  • Sterile conditions are so important for semen culture to prevent any contamination and false results.
  • You don’t need to have sexual abstinence for semen culture, you can have semen culture test any time of the day ( after consulting to lab)
  • You need to ejaculate in a sterile cup for semen culture, this process may be unpleasant for you. Some labs provide comfortable rooms for this procedure, you may prefer this kind of facilities.
  • Semen culture does not have any risks or pain for you.