Total sperm count calculation

Total sperm count is an subtopic of semen analysis test. Semen analysis test also called spermogram is a type of laboratory test that is done to diagnose male type infertility and evaluate the sucess of vasectomy operation which is a kind of birth control method.

total sperm count

Total sperm count is a different term from sperm concentration. Sperm concentration also called sperm density is measured sperm cell number per semen mL. In normal conditions sperm concentration should be at least 15 million sperm cells per mL of semen fluid.


Your doctor may request semen analysis test when you have problem to conceive a child. Your sperm count may be lower than needed limits for fertilization and you may have a semen analysis test for total sperm count and sperm concentration measurement. At the same time semen analysis test has other topics as semen volume, sperm morphology, sperm motility, semen pH, semen liquefaction time, semen apperarance.

First your sperm concentration also called sperm density and semen volume values  should be known to calculate total sperm count value. Total sperm count value is calculated by multiplying the sperm concentration value and semen volume mL value.

In normal condition total sperm count value is found between 40-300 million sperm cells. Lower limit is accepted as 39 million sperm cells per semen sample.

Total sperm count, sperm concentration and semen volume values are important for fertility but sperm morphogy ( sperm cell shape) and sperm motility ( sperm movement ability to egg) are also important for fertility.