Your doctor may request you to have sperm check-up and semen analysis if you and your partner are planning to get pregnant. Sperm check-up is  detailed evaluation of sperm cells to determine any type of abnormalities in your sperm cells. Sperm check-up is a detailed semen analysis test to determine any problems in sperm cell features like sperm motility, sperm morphology and sperm DNA. Also additional testicular health evaluation and general health examination are done to prevent any problems before pregnancy.

Azoospermia examination

Sperm count is not an exact criterion for pregnancy but azoospermia is a serious condition and you can’t get pregnant naturally. Azoospermia cause may be ejaculatory duct obstruction or hormonal problems and pregnancy chance increases after treatment.


Total immotile sperm cells

sperm check up

All sperm cells may be immotile because of a structural defect of sperm. Cause may be immotile cilia syndrome or Kartaneger syndrome. Pregnancy can’t occur naturally, IVF ( in-vitro fertilization- test tube baby) method may be done if your sperm cells are healthy.

Testicular health examination

Testes raise and protect sperm cells and testes health is important for sperm health. Most of the sperm cell abnormalities are related with testes problems. Most of the listed sperm problems are caused by a problem in testes. Testes environmental conditions, nutrition, infections, hormonal imbalance and varicocele are samples for testes problems that disturb sperm health.


General health control

Testes are a part of your body and for proper functioning other body organs should be healthy too. Infertility may be a sign of a serious problem in other body parts. Testicular cancer, intra-abdominal cancer, brain tumor, undescended testes, diabetes or genetic anomalies may be determined in sperm check-up and infertility examination. Additional tests are needed if these type of problems are determined.

Evaluation of sexual function

Pregnancy is related with  healthy sexual life and adequate semen ejaculation. Treatment of sexual function problems is important for pregnancy and also for happiness of couples.