Sperm morphology and sperm cell parts

Sperm morphology means sperm shape and sperm morphology is evaluated in semen analysis test. Semen analysis is a type of laboratory test that is done to diagnose male type infertility. Semen analysis evaluates characteristics of semen and sperm cells like;

sperm cell morphology

  • Semen volume
  • Semen pH
  • Sperm concentration
  • Total sperm count
  • Sperm motility- sperm movement ability
  • Sperm morphology- sperm shape
  • Semen appearance

Sperm morphology result may cause confusion in couples. Sometimes you may see 2% or 20-30 % results in your semen analysis report. Sometimes 0% sperm morphology results may occur and pregnancy chance is thought low. Sperm morphology is not the single factor about pregnancy, sperm cell contains the features for fertilization inside and these factors are activated when sperm cell meets the egg. Only sperm morphology result is not enough to say that you can’t get pregnant naturally. Other factors should be evaluated to see the pregnancy chance.

Only sperm morphology result can’t say that you can get pregnant or not, sperm morphology result shows us which part of the sperm cell has problem. Your doctor may plan your treatment by looking your sperm morphology result. Some type of sperm morphology abnormalities don’t inhibit pregnancy in normal ways but some type of sperm morphology abnormalities may be a  really problem against pregnancy. Main reason is different  sperm cell parts have different functions.


sperm morphology

Sperm morphology test evaluates sperm parts separataly to understand which parts has the problem. Sperm cell has parts as listed;

  • Head ; has the acrosome and nucleus
  • Neck ; centrioles
  • Middle piece ; has mithocondria for energy production
  • Tail ( flagellum) for motility