Sperm check-up

Sperm check-up and semen analysis test may be a good choice if you are planning to have a baby. If there is no problem in your test, you may wait until the day you and your partner  want to get pregnant. Sperm check and semen analysis are both important for early diagnosis and treatment of male type infertility.

Sperm production starts with puberty and continues life long. Sperm production increases suddenly with puberty by the effects of hormones and body starts to produce mature sperm cells. Sperm cells renew themself in every 3 months until  they meet and fertilize the egg. Sperm cell has  a delicate form and may be affected from environmental factors.

Sperm cells and testes should be examined and protected carefully to prevent infertility. Sperm check-up contains different topics;


Toxic determination in semen

sperm check up

Environmental substances and sperm production leftovers accumulate in time and damage sperm cells. Toxins first disturb sperm morphology and then start to damage sperm cells’ energy sources and motility. Sperm cells start to die finally. Toxins may be determined and removed early to protect sperm health.


Premature aging sperm cells

Sperm cell’s main goal is transporting the genetic material to the egg. Sperm cell may lose its quality and health by some factors, embryo can’t grow or embryo may has some type of anomalies even if sperm reaches the egg. These type of unhealthy sperm cells are called premature aging sperm cells. Premature aging sperm cells are destroyed and removed in reproductive system by both male and female immune system.

Premature aging sperm cells should be determined early for treatment because these sperm cells are still alive and this condition is reversible. Premature aging sperm cells may have abnormal morphology and also they may have normal appearance so they should be examined carefully for early diagnosis and treatment.