Sperm check up

Sperm check-up is evaluating your seminal fluid to determine any abnormalities in your sperm cells. Sperm check and semen analysis are useful to diagnose male type infertility if you are planning to have a baby. You may have chance for diagnosis and treatment of sperm abnormalities by sperm check-up.

Determination of dead ( necrotic) sperm cells

Sperm cells get older and die like us. Dead sperm cells are not motile ( not able to move-immotile) but this does not mean  all immotile sperm cells are dead. Sperm cells may be immotile but not dead. Dead sperm cells should be determined by careful examination.


DNA damage ratio

sperm check up

Sperm DNA damage causes serious risk in fertilization of egg- sperm, embryo growth and holding in the uterus. Most of the miscarriage cases are related with sperm DNA damage. Standart sperm tests may not be enough to determine  sperm DNA damages, special sperm check-up methods should be done for diagnosis. Sperm DNA damage treatment is done by increasing the enzyme levels which  are able to repair the sperm DNA.  Precautions must be taken to prevent relapse after DNA treatment otherwise DNA damage may occur again in a short time. Sperm DNA damage is the last step before sperm cell necrosis.


Sperm aneuploidy percentage

Sometimes pregnancy may occur but embryo can’t grow healthy as expected. Cause may be aneuploidy in sperm cells that means chromosome mutations or genetic abnormalities in chromosomes.

Sperm shape abnormalities

Some type of certain sperm shape anomalies like globozoospermia( round headed sperm syndrome), pinhead sperm or sperm tail defects are serious conditions against pregnancy. Natural pregnancy is not expected in presence of these problems. Also precautions should be taken before IVF ( test tube baby- in-vitro fertilization).