Sperm cell parts; sperm structure

Sperm cell parts;

Sperm cell is the smallest cell in our body, also called spermatozoon. Spermatozoa is the plural name of sperm cell. Sperm cells are produced in testes and found in a gel-like liquid; semen. Semen fluid should contain more than 15 million sperm cells in normal conditions per ejaculation. Sperm cells has 4 part;

  1. sperm cell partsHead
  2. Neck
  3. Middle part
  4. Tail

Sperm cell parts

Sperm head

Sperm head is 6-8 µm long, 2-3 µm wide, oval- spherical shaped

Head has 2 parts as acrosome and nucleus


60-70 % of sperm head is acrosome part, acrosome part contains enzymes that breaks down the egg coat so sperm cell can enter and fertilize the egg

Nucleus part contains the genetic material; chromosomes. Half of the genetic information of baby comes from these chromosomes and the rest is found in female egg

Sperm neck

Sperm neck connects the head and middle part of sperm and contains centrioles

Middle part

The neck and middle piece of the sperm cell contain so many mitochondria and produce energy for movement.  Middle part of the sperm is like a power supply for cell.

Sperm tail

Sperm tail also called flagellum is the end part of the sperm. Tail contains axial flaments and sperm cell swims by help of its tail in female genital tract to reach the egg.