Semen pH and gender selection

Semen ph is one of the features of semen fluid which is measured in semen analysis test. Semen pH means acidity level of the semen fluid. Semen analysis test is done to evaluate so many features of semen fluid and sperm cells.

semen ph

Semen analysis test has topics which are  important for fertility;


  • Semen pH
  • Semen volume
  • Sperm count
  • Sperm concentration
  • Sperm motility ( movement ability)
  • Sperm morphlogy ( sperm shape)
  • Semen WBC ( white blood cell) count
  • Semen liquefaction time
  • Semen appearance

Semen fluid provides motility for sperm cells and helps them to move through vagina and reach the egg for fertilization. Vagina has an acidic environment as 3.8-4.5 pH. Semen fluid has an alkaline pH and neutralizes the acidic environment and protects sperm cells for this reason semen pH is important for fertilization.


Semen pH and baby gender

Foods don’t directly affect your body’s acidity level, they help them to regulate Ph level in your body. For exp. Lemon is an acidic food but helps your body to alkalize.

Y chromosome carries the boy sperm and X chromosome carries the girl sperm.

There is an opinion that acidic vaginal environment helps the girl sperm –X to reach the egg. X chromosome sperm cells move slower but they can live longer in vaginal acid. At the same time Y chromosome-boy sperm cells are faster than X-girl sperm cells but their lifetime is shorter in vaginal acidic environment. Y-boy sperm cells are weaker and die in vaginal acid easier.

Female body Ph may affect the fertilization and baby gender and pH may change with some factors and diet.