Semen pH and fertility

Semen pH means the acidity level of your semen fluid. Semen ph is measured in semen analysis test. Your doctor may recommend you semen analysis test if you have infertility problem.

Semen analysis test is done to evaluate the features of semen fluid and sperm cells like semen pH, semen volume, sperm motility ( movement ability), sperm morphology ( sperm shape), sperm count, sperm concentration. In normal conditions semen pH is between 7.2-8 which means semen is an alkaline fluid.


Semen fluid protects sperm cells from the acidic environment of vagina and provides them motility. Vagina has a pH between 3.8-4.5 so semen pH should be in normal range to protect the sperm cells from this acidic condition.

semen pH

Semen pH is important for sperm protection also affects sperm quality and sperm motility ( movement ability of sperm cells). Sperm motility is an important factor for fertility because sperm cells need to travel through vagina, reach the egg and fertilize it.


Acidic semen pH  means that lower pH values than 7 and acidic semen may affect sperm morphology and quality. Also acidic semen pH decreases sperm movement ability ( sperm motility) and capatitation of sperm cells ( maturation of sperm cells). Decreased sperm motility may  be related with infertility.

Low semen pH may be caused by factors like infections, congenital abnormalities or urine mix to the semen fluid. Acidic semen may reduce the fertilization chance so semen analysis test should be done to evaluate the infertility condition.