Semen analysis – spermogram test preparation

Semen analysis test preparation

Your doctor may request you semen analysis test if you and your partner have problem to get pregnant. Also semen analysis test may be used to check the success of vasectomy operation which is a kind of birth control method. Semen analysis is an important laboratory test in diagnosis in male type infertility. Your semen fluid and sperm cell features are evaluated by semen analysis test. Semen analysis test is also called spermogram. Preparation of semen analysis test is simple. There are no risk and pain for you in semen analysis.


Semen analysis test preparationsperm test

  • You should avoid ejaculation for 2-3 days before semen analysis
  • Testes will produce adequate sperm cells during this waiting period
  • Longer periods than 7 days of sexual abstinence are not recommended before semen collection
  • Inform your doctor about the medicines that you use before the test
  • Don’t use alcohol, drugs, marijuana, caffeine at least 4-5 days before semen analysis
  • Take a shower and wear clear drawers to prevent contamination of semen fluid
  • Try to sleep well to strengthen your body for sperm production
  • Try to reduce or quit smoking before the test, smoking reduces your sperm production and sperm quality
  • Avoid fried and fatty food; these kind of foods reduce sperm motility and semen volume
  • Avoid heat; protect your testes from heat. High temperature is one of the male infertility causes. Avoid saunas, hot tubs, laptop heat, etc
  • Healthy diet is necessary to improve your sperm quality. Prefer vegetables, fruits, fish and low-fat dairy products for sperm quality and your general health
  • Don’t use any vitamin pills or supplements without asking your doctor
  • Postpone your semen analysis test if you have cold or any other diseases.