Semen analysis- spermogram; semen volume

semen volume

Semen analysis is a kind of laboratory test that your semen fluid and sperm cells are evaluated and examined in specialized labs by fertility or andrology specialists. Semen analysis test also called spermogram. Semen analysis test examines your sperm cells to evaluate male sexual health, male type infertility and success of vasectomy operation which is a kind of birth control. Your semen volume , sperm cell motility, sperm cell morphology and so many other semen fluid and sperm cell characteristics are determined by semen analysis test.


Spermogram-semen analysis: Semen volume

  • semen volumeSemen volume is the first important topic in spermogram test
  • You should have adequate mL of semen fluid for fertilisation of egg
  • Preferred normal semen volume is between 2-6 mL.
  • According to WHO 1.5 mL is the lower reference limit for semen volume
  • Semen volume may increase or decrease with various conditions.
  • Semen volume is important for calculation of your total sperm count.
  • Your sperm count ( sperm concentration per semen mL) is multiplied by measured semen volume to find the total sperm count.
  • Healthy diet and healthy life style is so important for normal semen volume and sperm quality
  • Higher semen volume levels than 10 mL is called polyspermia or hyperspermia and this condition may cause dilution of sperm cells.
  • Low semen volume than 1.5 mL is called hypospermia.