Negative factors for sperm count and sperm quality

According to WHO ( World Health Organisation), there is a huge decrease in normal sperm count value in last 100 years. In beginning of 1900s, average sperm count was 120 million sperm cells but according to 2011 studies,  sperm count lower limit is decreased to 15 million sperm cells per semen sample.

Total sperm count is the number of sperm cells in a whole semen sample. Total sperm count is calculated by multiplying sperm count and semen volume mL value. Sperm concentration is the sperm cell number per mL of semen fluid.

There are several environmental and lifestyle factors that may decrease sperm count and sperm quality. In last 100 years by the impact of developing industry, so many new negative factors occured that may decrease your sperm count and sperm quality.

Negative factors for sperm count and sperm quality

sperm count quality

Air pollution

Exhaust gas of vehicles and factory chimneys increased air pollution so much in last 50 years. You take these poisons and toxins to your body by breathing. These toxins disrupt sperm quality and cause decreasing in sperm count.

Water and sea pollution

There are so many toxins like lead, mercury, cadmium that  mixed to water and accumulate in sea creatures especially in shallow water. When you eat these kind of sea food you take heavy metals into your body.  Be careful about these kind of sea food to protect your sperm cells from heavy metals.

Industrial animal feed

Industrial animal feed contain hormones to improve meat mass and speed their growth. Chemical additives are added to increase meat volume but these type of hormones may converted to estrogen in human body. High estrogen level reduces sperm count in men.

Sexual intercourse frequency

Ejaculation frequency is an another negative factor for sperm count and sperm quality. Main point is to determine the right frequency for sexual intercourse. Very rare or often ejaculation also reduce sperm count. 2-3 times of intercourse is recommended  weekly for healthy sperm production and sperm quality.

Heat factor

Testes temperature should be  1-2 °C lower than body for healthy sperm production. Men who spend much time in saunas, hot tubs, iron and steel factories, bakery may have decreased sperm count and sperm quality. Also tight clothes and cycling for long hours may  increase testicular temperature and  these are other negative factors for your sperm count.


Several medications like chemotherapy medications, antibiotics, epilepsy medications, etc. have negative effects on your sperm quality.

Smoking, alcohol and drugs

There are so many toxins in tobacco that affect your sperm quality and sperm count. Nicotine has narrowing effect on your veins and reduce sperm quality. Excess alcohol usage and drugs are important negative factors for sperm health and sperm quality.