Low sperm count types

Sperm count is a different definiton from total sperm count. Sperm count also called sperm concentration means sperm cell number per mL of semen fluid. Total sperm count is found by multiplying sperm concentration value by semen volume mL.

Low sperm concentration is one of the common infertility causes in men. In normal conditions sperm concentration should be greater than 15 million sperm cells per semen mL. If your sperm cell number is lower than 15 million sperm cells this condition is called low sperm concentration or low sperm count. There are 2 types of low sperm concentration.

Low sperm count

Low sperm concentration types

  • Azoospermia is absence of sperm cells in semen fluid. Azoospermia means there are no sperm cells in your semen fluid
  • Oligospermia is the other low sperm concentration type. There are sperm cells in semen fluid but value is lower than 15 million sperm cells per semen mL

Low sperm concentration is evaluated by semen analysis test and may be caused by reasons like; varicocele, cancer, tumors, medications, drugs, alcohol, surgery, trauma, hormonal problems, toxins, radiation or ejaculatory duct obstruction.