Low sperm concentration oligospermia

Sperm concentration is the sperm cell number per mL of semen fluid. Sperm concentration also may called sperm count is measured in semen analysis test. Semen analysis test ( spermogram) is done to diagnose male type infertility. Semen volume and  sperm concentration is measured to found the total sperm count. Sperm concentration should be at least 15 million according to WHO.

Sperm concentration should be  at least 15 million for fertilization. Low sperm concentration is a cause of infertility and called oligospermia or oligozoospermia. There are degrees of oligospermia which are lower sperm concentration than 15 million sperm cells per mL.


Oligospermia- low sperm concentration levels

Low sperm count

  • Mild oligospermia: 10-15 million sperm/mL
  • Moderate oligospermia: 5-10 million sperm/mL
  • Sever oligospermia: 0-5 million sperm/mL
  • Azoospermia: 0 sperm cells ( no sperm cells )

Low sperm concentration oligospermia is not a very big problem in fertility if there is not any other sperm cell problems like sperm motility problems. There are so many men can conceive with low sperm concentration.