Low semen volume – hypospermia causes

hypospermia causes

Semen volume is one of the topics of semen analysis test. Semen analysis test also called spermogram is done to evaluate your semen volume and sperm cells. Semen analysis purpose is to diagnose male type infertility and also spermogram test may be done to determine the success of vasectomy birth control method. Low semen volume is also called hypospermia may have different causes and it is an important factor in infertility.


Low semen volume – hypospermia

  • semen volumeHypospermia is the condition that your semen volume is found lower than 2 mL in two semen analysis test
  • Low semen volume can be assesed in terms of infertility if it is determined with the oligospermia condition
  • Oligospermia is low sperm concentration; means that sperm cell count per semen mL
  • Total sperm count is measured by multiplying of semen volume and sperm concentration
  • Low semen count and oligospermia may be cause of infertility if you have both condition at the same time

Low semen volume- hypospermia causes

  • Semen sample collection timing and preparation; 2-3 days of sexual abstinence is necessary for semen analysis test
  • Longer or shorter abstinence periods may cause low semen volume
  • Collection method may affect semen volume; you need to ejaculate in a sample cup for semen analysis test, sometimes patients may miss the semen sample container and can’t collect all semen fluid into the cup; please inform the lab about this
  • Also you will need to masturbate to collect semen sample and collected semen volume may be lower than a regular sexual intercourse
  • You may take help from your partner during semen collection; coitus interruptus ( withdrawing penis just before the ejaculation) may increase the collected semen volume
  • Frequent sex; ejaculating frequently may cause hypospermia
  • Retrograde ejaculation; semen fluid moves into the bladder instead of moving out through urethra
  • Obesity
  • Low testosterone level
  • Diabetes
  • Some type of medications
  • Aging; semen volume decreases in older ages