Low semen pH causes

Semen analysis also may be called as spermogram or sperm test is a type of laboratory test that is done to evaluate your semen fluid and sperm cell features. Sperm testing may be done to diagnose male type infertility or to evaluate the success or vasectomy operation which is a kind of birth control.

semen ph

Semen analysis- spermogram has some subtopics as listed


  • Semen volume
  • Semen pH
  • Sperm count
  • Sperm concentration
  • Sperm motility ; sperm movement ability
  • Sperm morphology; sperm shape
  • Semen liquefaction time
  • Semen WBC count
  • Semen appearance

Semen pH is an important factor for fertilization. In normal conditions vagina has an acidic environment which has a pH between 3.8 and 4.5. Semen fluid is a basic fluid so it protects sperm cells from vaginal acidic environment. Semen fluid provides sperm cells motility, helps them to reach the egg and fertilize it.


In normal conditions semen has a pH between 7.2-8 this means semen is an alkaline (basic) fluid. Semen pH may be affected by some factors.

Low semen pH causes

Normal semen pH is between 7.2 and 8. Lower values than 7 mean that your semen is acidic. This acidic semen condition may reduce fertilization chance. Low semen pH may be caused by;

  • Blocked seminal vesicles; seminal vesicles may be obstructed by some reason like infections
  • Infections like acute prostatitis
  • Congenital abnormalities
  • Result of a medical treatment or examination like surgery
  • Chronic infections of seminal vesicles
  • Urine mix to the semen fluid
  • Agenesis of sexual accessory glands ( agenesis; failure of development of an organ in embryonic growth)