Increase semen volume with your life style

semen volume; life style

Low semen volume is one of the causes of male infertility. Semen analysis test is done to measure your semen volume and sperm cell characteristics. Low semen volume means lower values than 1.5 mL in an ejaculate ( according to WHO). Also there is an another condition which is called aspermia, that means complete lack of semen fluid.

If you have semen fluid in an ejaculation and want to increase semen volume there are some factors that you should care. Healthy life style and  healthy diet is important to increase semen volume and sperm quality.

You can use supplements and herbs that increase semen volume after asking your doctor. Please don’t use any vitamins or medication without asking your doctor.



semen volume

Healthy life style factors to increase semen volume

Drink plenty of water

Semen is the fluid that surrounds your sperm cells. Semen fluid is water based; protects your sperm cells from vaginal acid and environment, provides sperms motility to reach the egg.

Try to avoid stress

It is very hard to avoid stress in todays life style and working conditions. Stress causes immune system suppression, reduces hormone production and your semen volume and sperm quality decrease. You can try meditation, funny movies or meeting with friends to reduce your stress level and increase semen volume. If you are under heavy stress you can take help from a specialist.



Tight clothes are enemies of your testicles and sperm cells. Tight clothes and underwear increase the temperature of your testicles and cause low semen volume, low sperm motility and low sperm quality. Wear loose drawers to prevent low semen volume.

Limit bicycle riding

Bicycle riding for long hours may harm your reproductive organs. You can limit riding time or wear protective clothes to avoid low semen volume.

Avoid hot

High temperature affects your testicles, think that; “ Why are the testicles outside of the body?”. They are outside of your body to avoid from your body temperature. Hot tubs, saunas, heated car seats increases the temperature and may cause low semen volume. Protect your testicles from high temperature to increase semen volume.

Control your weight

Avoid obesity to protect your ideal semen volume. Active life style and exercises may help you to lose weight. You can prefer walking nearby places instead of using your car.

Don’t use anabolic steroids

Sometimes body builders use anabolic steroids to develop their muscles but testicles are not muscles and anabolic steroids may harm them. Avoid these kind of supplements to increase semen volume.

Try to rest and sleep well

Your body works and produce semen when you are sleeping. Try to sleep well for your overall health  to increase semen volume.

Avoid toxic chemicals and radiation

Toxic chemicals and radiation are very harmful for your reproductive organs also for your overall health. Chemicals and radiation may cause low semen volume. Try to protect your body by using personel protective equipment.