Foods that increase sperm count

Sperm count also sperm concentration is the sperm cell number per mL of semen fluid. Sperm concentration is determined with semen analysis test. Total sperm count is found by multiplying sperm concentration value by semen volume mL .

In normal conditions sperm count should be found more than 15 million sperm cells in semen analysis test ( according to WHO ). Also necessary total sperm count  value is 39 million sperm cells per semen sample.

Male infertility is  associated with low sperm count condition. There are several reasons that may cause low sperm count. Oligospermia is the medical name of low sperm count. Azoospermia is an another low sperm count type and means no sperm cells in semen fluid; lack of sperm cells in semen sample.

Low semen count may be caused by some medical conditions but you may increase your sperm concentration by a healthy diet and eating some type of foods as listed;


Foods that increase sperm count

increase sperm count

Dark chocolate contains high L-arginie amino acid and increases sperm count and semen volume. Also L-arginine increases orgasm intensity

Spinach is a high folic acid source like other leafy green vegetables. Folic acid helps sperm cells to reach and fertilize the egg. Also folic acid prevents birth defects and chromosome abnormalities by helping body to produce healthy sperms.

increase sperm count

Banana contains vitamin A, B1 and C and these vitamins are necessary to produce healthy sperm cells. Banana also contains bromelain enzyme which is an anti-inflammatory and increases male libido.


Carrots contains high levels vitamin A and this vitamin increases sperm production and sperm motility. Sperm motility means sperm movement ability and it is an important factor for fertilizaton.

increase sperm count

Red fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, grapefruit, chilies, straberry, watermelon contains lycopene. Lycopene is an antioxidant that gives these foods their red color. Lycopene protects you from cancer and increases sperm count up to 70%

Oysters is a high zinc source which is an essential mineral for testosterone regulation and sperm production. Also oysters and zinc increases sexual desire and energy. Zinc deficiency may cause low sperm motility. Daily zinc intake is important for healthy and strong sperm cell production.

increase sperm count

Walnuts and  hazelnut are high omega-3 fatty acids source. Omega-3 fatty acids increase blood flow to the testicles and  improve sperm count. You can take omega-3 fatty acids from fish too.

Eggs ; your body needs protein and vitamin E to produce healthy and strong sperm cells. Eggs are high in protein and vitamin E. Eggs protects sperm cells from free radicals and increase sperm cell concentration.

Garlic contains selenium and vitamin B6, increases semen volume and sperm count. Garlic is an aphrodisiac and increases blood flow to the reproductive organs and helps sperm production.