Components of 100 gr semen

Components of semen

Semen is a thick, gel-like , white-gray and opaque liquid that contains our reproductive cells;  sperm cells. Semen fluid contains 1-5%  sperm cells and many other components like ; vitamins, minerals, water, protein.

All these components of semen are composed by the processing of the nutrients in our body. Healthy diet is an important factor for adequate semen volume, normal sperm count and sperm quality.

semen analysis

Semen fluid contains so many different minerals other than sperm cells like; vitamin B12, vitamin C, citric acid, protein, enzymes, fructose, etc.

Here you can see the main components of 100 gr semen fluid;

  • 25 mg calcium
  • 14 mg manganese
  • 14 mg zinc
  • 13 mg vitamin C
  • 53 mg vitamin B12
  • 220 mg fructose ( for energy need of sperm cells)
  • Significant amount of sulfur