Causes of low semen volume

Low semen volume is one the causes of male type infertility. Also you may not be infertile but there can be  variability in your semen volume. You may notice that your semen volume changes with some factors and conditions.

If you have infertility problem, if you want to have a baby but can’t; your doctor may request you to have a semen analysis test. Semen volume and other sperm cell features are evaluated in semen analysis test.

Your semen volume may increase or decrease with some factors like;


High temperature

low semen volume

Hot tubs, saunas, wearing tight drawers or clothes, heated car seats increase the temperature of your testicles. Heat may harm testicles and decrease semen and sperm production. You should avoid these kind of heat sources to produce adequate semen fluid.


Obesity affects your overall health and hormonal system. Also obesity may cause diabetes and diabetes may harm your fertility. Try to lose weight if you have obesity problem.



Heavy stress and anxiety affects your hormonal system and may reduce your semen production. Also stress may reduce your sexual desire that you need to produce healthy sperm cells.

Smokinglow semen volume

Heavy smoking causes so many health problems and you may have less semen production if you are a heavy smoker. Try to quit smoking as soon as possible to protect your overall health and semen production.


Some  type of medications may have a negative effect on semen production like alpha blockers. You may consult your doctor about the medicines you use.

Diseases medical conditions

Infections, cancer, hormonal system problems or undescended testicle problem may cause low semen volume.

Alcohollow semen volume

Excess alcohol consumption causes decrease on testosterone hormone and semen fluid production.  Try to limit your alcohol consumption to have more semen.

Drugs and supplements

Drugs like marijuana have negative effect on semen production. Also body builders use anabolic steroids to have more muscle mass but these kind of drugs and supplements may decrease semen production and sperm quality.

Diet and water intake

Semen is water based, you need water to produce semen. You can prevent dehydration by drinking 2-3 liters of water daily. Diet is an another factor that affects testosterone and semen production.


Older age may reduce your sexual desire, muscle mass, testosterone level and semen production. Andropause may affect sex hormones and semen production of men who are older 50.