Aspermia causes; ejaculatory duct obstruction

Ejaculatory duct obstruction

Aspermia is the complete lack of the semen fluid with ejaculation. Aspermia is one of the male infertility types. There are no semen fluid and also sperm cells found in aspermia condition.

In normal conditions men ejaculate at least 1.5 mL of semen fluid in a single ejaculation but in aspermia no semen fluid travels out the urethra because of some reasons. Aspermia has 2 main reasons; retrograde ejaculation and ejaculatory duct obstruction.

Ejaculatory duct obstruction

When an obstruction occurs by a reason in ejaculatory ducts, semen fluid can’t travel out the urethra. Obstruction may cause very low semen volume, low sperm count or aspermia which means complete lack of semen fluid. Ejaculatory duct obstruction is the cause of 1-5 % in whole male infertility cases.


Ejaculatory duct obstruction and aspermia causes

ejaculatory duct obstruction

Ejaculatory duct obstruction may be caused by some reasons like;

  • Inflammation like prostatitis, tuberculosis
  • Infections; STD’s ( sexually transmitted diseases) like chlamydia
  • Surgery, sometimes tubes may be damaged during a groin surgery
  • Trauma of groin may damage the semen tubes
  • Cancer; tumors may be the cause of obstruction
  • Cysts; congenital cysts in ejaculatory ducts may be the cause of obstruction